Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday night TV

Oh so much TV goodness this evening! 

White Collar on USA - I cannot say too much about the awesomeness that is White Collar, and this episode was a gem! Getting the entire team together for the “sting” as Peter insisted on calling it was great.  There was so much to love.  I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for great chemistry between characters, a beautiful cast, delicious story and great cinematography.

NCIS on CBS – Special guest star Bob Newheart was amazing, what a lovely episode, there were tears.

NCIS Los Angeles -  Another solid episode, that Heddy’s got mad skills!

V on ABC – This was an episode that added to the mythology of the reasons for the interest and investment that the V’s have made into humanity for so long.  It also really established the Anna/Erica parallels by making sure that each of their respective children have gone to the other for help.  I still like this show and hope the series continues to entertain me.

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  1. Hey Lib, I enjoy reading your reviews. Maybe I'll watch some of these shows some day. xo