Friday, August 5, 2011

Harvey is a Trekkie!

I realize that I have already espoused my love of the new USA show "Suits" & last nights episode was fabulous! I keep waiting for the show to loose it's edge, but it just keeps hitting it out of the park.  I love the characters, the writing, the acting, the stories, what a wonderful group of characters we get to follow each week!  Characters welcome, indeed! Well done USA!

As I bask in the glow of "Suits", I'd like to continue my love for USA.  "White Collar" came back with a bang and is keeping the stakes high for our favorite con man & friends.  "Covet Affairs" is not my favorite program but it is still a fun way to spend an hour & the focus shifting to include more of Auggie has made me like it a bit more.

I think I'll stop there and post this link: 

I don't agree with absolutely everything listed but very close.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Only 2 Weeks?

I have rarely absolutely hated a movie but it has happened.  If a movie surprises me, tells me a good story, makes me care for characters, I tend to enjoy so... Before getting to the rest of my Summer TV, a few quick movie reviews in no particular order -

Harry Potter - These last 2 films were long, boring and drawn out.  Just like the book.  It was only a must see to end the series.  So long Harry.

Green Lantern - I found this one entertaining, the special effects got in the way of the story though.

X-Men: First Class - Really a fun ride, nice re-boot & getting to play in the 60's was fun to see on the big screen.

Thor - My favorite of the Comic book-to-movie's so far. Fantastic special effects, very nice eye candy & a story that I found entertaining, start to finish.

Bridesmaids - SO much FUN! I hope everyone saw this in the theater.

Super 8 - I enjoyed this film but thought it could have been so much better.  I wanted more from it.

Capitan America - I enjoyed the ride, I found the story entertaining, though a bit rushed & I hope everyone stayed till the bitter end of the credits to see the trailer for The Avengers, that should be fun, too.

Pirates for the Caribbean - This was entertaining, though with no Orlando, (don't get me wrong, I don't know how to write him back in to the story), I felt his absence. :(

On to Summer TV
I have been waiting for SyFy to air the back half of Season 4 of Eureka for almost a year and am really saddened to hear that it only got a 13 ep. Season 5 (filming now and again, we will have to wait another year to see it!).  At the same time, it got renewed (Yay!) and Season 4 is the best season of Eureka to air since Season 1.  I really love the alt. timeline and how it has up'd the stakes for our core characters and stories.  Having such a fabulous mine that is able to produce fresh stories & keep our characters off-kilter, I'm loving it.  If you have never given this a try, it is Great, so stop thinking and just do!!!

Warehouse 13, another fun show on SyFy.  It is much more slap sticky but the characters and their relationships feel real & you cheer for them to succeed.

Sticking with SyFy for the moment, Haven came back for season 2 recently. Last year when it came out, it started out pretty slowly but it got better & I enjoy it these days.  I'm still wondering WTH is up with the Audreys and am loving the Nathan/Duke love/hate dynamic.

The new SyFy show Alphas is beginning to find it's legs but is not my favorite new show of the summer (see my last Post for my favorite).  There are some nuggets of goodness but has not hit it out of the park yet.

On the science fiction bandwagon, I really wanted to LOVE TNT's Falling Skies with Noah Wylie & Moon Bloodgood.  This is a post-alien invasion survival story, and it should offer some hope but all the sappy hand-holding and poignant moments in every episode? too much.  The writers keep re-itrating blatantly obvious plot points.  I'm stunned that the characters are being set up to be so dumb.  I continue to watch because I want science fiction on my television but if this is the best that TNT can offer, ouch.  I hope it will get better but that will take some real changes in storytelling style. The show is almost finished with this season but has been re-newed for another one.

Perhaps, I'll post again soon.  There's lots more on the Tube that needs talking/writing about.    

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow! I'm not very good at maintaining this blog.

Well, its been 5 months since my last post & the television landscape has changed quite a bit.  The summer television season is when the cable networks really shine.  They don't have as much competition from the big 5 who tend to re-run their big ticket shows.  Summer also does not have all the major sporting events that take over our networks during say football season.

I am pretty solidly a fan of scripted programing vs. reality TV.  USA, SyFy, TNT, AMC, FX, HBO, Starz, and even MTV & ABC Family have developed new or returning programs that will keep my attention during the long hot summer.  I'm not saying that all of the new or returning programs are without a few flaws (except perhaps USA's "Suits" which I have yet to find fault with).

"Suits", like I mentioned, has been a complete and very pleasant surprise.  It is superbly written, well acted, and the chemistry between the leads is palpable.  3 episodes in and I  absolutely love it.  Another pleasant surprise has been "Teen Wolf" from MTV.  There are a few little annoyances with it and one whole episode that I would like to erase from my memory but generally am enjoying the show.  "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" from ABC Family had promise and I'm still watching but there is too much teen angst.  "Alphas" from SyFy is not perfect, but its fun and I have to make sure that original scripted programing gets a fair shot at making it in today's tough markets by watching live those programs (or even types of programs) that I want to see again.  FX has "Wilfred" which is simply twisted, so of course, I love it. This spring, HBO had the series "Game of Thrones" which was so well done, I hate that I have to wait till next year to get more of the story!

Tomorrow (or in another few months), I'll talk a bit about the returning shows that I'm watching.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday night TV

Oh so much TV goodness this evening! 

White Collar on USA - I cannot say too much about the awesomeness that is White Collar, and this episode was a gem! Getting the entire team together for the “sting” as Peter insisted on calling it was great.  There was so much to love.  I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for great chemistry between characters, a beautiful cast, delicious story and great cinematography.

NCIS on CBS – Special guest star Bob Newheart was amazing, what a lovely episode, there were tears.

NCIS Los Angeles -  Another solid episode, that Heddy’s got mad skills!

V on ABC – This was an episode that added to the mythology of the reasons for the interest and investment that the V’s have made into humanity for so long.  It also really established the Anna/Erica parallels by making sure that each of their respective children have gone to the other for help.  I still like this show and hope the series continues to entertain me.

Monday night TV - Reviews

Being Human (US version) on SyFy – I’m a huge fan of the UK version so, I was skeptical of this one.  I enjoyed this version much more than I thought I would.  It did feel a little clunky and uneven but overall the actors are inhabiting the characters nicely, the writing was good and the cinematography was nice and dark.  I hope that the story becomes unique sooner rather than later.

The Cape on NBC – This new series is beginning to find its legs. The characters are getting a little depth, and we have seen “Orwell” come out to meet the crew.  I enjoyed this episode.

Chuck on NBC – Another good one, though aggravating that the writers would split up our leads this way on purpose!  Stellar performances as always and the side story with Lester - FUNNY!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week of TV - Jan 17-23, 2011

I have been thinking of how to approach writing this blog.  This week is a good week for Winter premiers of some of the TV that I must watch.  I’ve decided that I will simply let ya’ll know what I’m looking forward to watching and when given the chance, I’ll write up a few words on why you should watch too (or why you should not watch).  Yesterday, there were three shows to watch, Chuck & The Cape on NBC and the premier of the US version of Being Human on SyFy.  Tonight, the very highly anticipated return of White Collar on USA.  Also, NCIS on CBS & V on ABC will be watched & the DVR will be set to catch NCIS Los Angeles & The Good Wife on CBS.  Wednesday’s have always been rather dry for my viewing pleasure and this Wednesday is no different.  Thursday us usually chock full of TV deliciousness but this Thursday is fairly light on non-rerun material.  Bones on Fox comes back this week, so it’s a must see, CSI & The Mentalist on CBS & Grey’s Anatomy on ABC will be DVR’d and USA has new episodes of Royal Pains and a new show Fairly Legal.  Friday will be getting crazy next week but this week is the return of Fringe on it’s new night.  I’m lucky that our Fox channel here in New Orleans likes to have It’s own news show at 9pm so…I can not only watch Fringe, but also Supernatural on the CW (My current OBSESSION) as they are shown.  Other Friday shows to watch are Medium on CBS & Merlin on SyFy.  Saturday and Sunday are usually pretty light until all the new seasons on HBO begin.  This Saturday is a new episode of Primeval on BBC America and on Sunday, Big Love on HBO.  As I get the opportunity to review these tasty little morsels, I’ll post again.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you are in the mood for a really enjoyable use of a couple of hours, go see Tangled.  I'd heard it was a good movie and it really was.  Good story, fun characters, pretty setting, all in all, a good time.