Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week of TV - Jan 17-23, 2011

I have been thinking of how to approach writing this blog.  This week is a good week for Winter premiers of some of the TV that I must watch.  I’ve decided that I will simply let ya’ll know what I’m looking forward to watching and when given the chance, I’ll write up a few words on why you should watch too (or why you should not watch).  Yesterday, there were three shows to watch, Chuck & The Cape on NBC and the premier of the US version of Being Human on SyFy.  Tonight, the very highly anticipated return of White Collar on USA.  Also, NCIS on CBS & V on ABC will be watched & the DVR will be set to catch NCIS Los Angeles & The Good Wife on CBS.  Wednesday’s have always been rather dry for my viewing pleasure and this Wednesday is no different.  Thursday us usually chock full of TV deliciousness but this Thursday is fairly light on non-rerun material.  Bones on Fox comes back this week, so it’s a must see, CSI & The Mentalist on CBS & Grey’s Anatomy on ABC will be DVR’d and USA has new episodes of Royal Pains and a new show Fairly Legal.  Friday will be getting crazy next week but this week is the return of Fringe on it’s new night.  I’m lucky that our Fox channel here in New Orleans likes to have It’s own news show at 9pm so…I can not only watch Fringe, but also Supernatural on the CW (My current OBSESSION) as they are shown.  Other Friday shows to watch are Medium on CBS & Merlin on SyFy.  Saturday and Sunday are usually pretty light until all the new seasons on HBO begin.  This Saturday is a new episode of Primeval on BBC America and on Sunday, Big Love on HBO.  As I get the opportunity to review these tasty little morsels, I’ll post again.

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